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We love Miss Abigail’s class! She comes up with the most creative ways to engage my daughter and has an amazing way of guiding a group of babies through stories and activities. A very impressive skill. We’re so happy to have found her.

Erica B.
Parents of 14 month old

We love Miss Abigail’s baby class. She is so creative with the activities she plans for the children. We love the books she picks out and often end up getting them from the library afterwards. Elisa loves connecting with the other children too. She also takes great naps afterwards, which is always a plus!

Lauren Z.
Parent of 14 month old

Mrs. Abigail’s classes are a highlight of our week. My 18-month-old loves exploring stories and related concepts each session. The content is fun and approachable. I highly recommend Mrs. Abigail to other caregivers whenever I get the chance.

Elisa T.
Parent of 18 month old

Testimonials: Testimonials


Testimonials: Testimonials

We are so fortunate that Mrs Abigail was able to step in during the pandemic and provide virtual lessons to our son. When the lessons began our son was 3 years old and barely had any letter or number recognition. By the time the lessons ended at 4.5, he was reading, doing basic addition, recognizing continents, and teaching US different facts about animals and ecosystems. Our son was not an eager student, but had a natural curiosity about his existing interests that Mrs Abigail noticed right away. It wasn't long before she started tailoring his lessons to his love of superheroes, robots, and animals. Once she made this connection, his learning outcomes shot through the roof. It's hard to imagine he would have been able to achieve such gains in a classroom setting without Mrs Abigail's personalized approach. As a parent, all you hope for is that your child's mentors and teachers recognize their unique talent and encourage them to live up to their potential. Mrs Abigail does exactly this and makes it look effortless. She is tremendously creative, flexible, and kind. We'd recommend her to anyone that is looking for an at-home schooling solution.

Rachel M.
Parent of 4.5 year old

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