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Curating a love for learning.

Mrs. Abigail creates engaging learning opportunities specifically designed for your child. Individualized lessons are curated to fulfill your child's learning needs and interests. From adding dinosaurs, identifying the beginning sounds of wildflowers, to learning the life cycles of a spider, each lesson is tailored to your child.

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"I have a passion for creating learning opportunities that promote engagement and excitement. I believe that learning should be catered to the child in order to promote and fulfill their curiosities. I provide opportunities for them to exercise their strengths while working towards mastery of their learning goals. I invite children to play an active role in their learning journey and I appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn with them along the way."

-Mrs. Abigail

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As a parent, all you hope for is that your child's mentors and teachers recognize their unique talent and encourage them to live up to their potential. Mrs Abigail does exactly this and makes it look effortless. She is tremendously creative, flexible, and kind. We'd recommend her to anyone that is looking for an at-home schooling solution.

Rachel M.

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Interested in seeing how I can help your child reach their learning goals? Contact me for an initial parent meeting!

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